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A new CCTV system has been installed in Ludlow to help make the town safer. As featured in the Shropshire Star - read the article now.

New HD CCTV system installed in Ludlow to help make town safer

The Shropshire Star has reported on the new CCTV upgrade to Ludlow town centre. To view their full article, click here

A new CCTV system has been installed in Ludlow to help make the town safer.

It is thanks to funding from Ludlow Town Council and West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion.

The new state of the art system has seen more than 30 cameras of HD quality installed throughout the town.

Sergeant Damien Kelly, from the safer neighbourhood team for south Shropshire, said: “Ludlow is already a relatively safe place and the new CCTV system will help make the town even safer.

“The improved quality means it will make it much easier to identify those who are involved in crime and disorder which should hopefully act as a deterrent in the first place as the likelihood is anyone who is involved in crime will be identified.”

Mr Campion said: “I have prioritised funding for CCTV across West Mercia during my term as commissioner, and I am pleased to support the delivery of an effective, efficient and sustainable network for Ludlow.

“CCTV has a huge role to play in crime prevention, and also identifying and bringing to justice the perpetrators of crime. It also has the benefit of making communities feel safer.”

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