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Enjoy the benefits of a smart alarm system that not only protects premises, but catches intruders before they even touch your door!

Smart Alarms That Work Outside!

For a long time outdoor alarm systems have been lagging behind their internal intruder alarm counterparts, but now with the advent of long range, adaptable, wireless smart alarm systems you can enjoy the benefits of a smart alarm system that not only protects your home & work premises but actually catches intruders before they even touch your door!

How did it used to work?

Outdoor alarms are nothing new, alarm beams and motion sensors have been around for decades, but they have always suffered from two major problems -

1 – False alerts. Spiders, foliage and other environmental factors have been causing headaches for installers and end users for as long as external alarm sensors have existed!

2 – Being dumb. Say you want an alarm sensor to pick up anyone entering your property, no problem. We just need to dig a trench to your gate (and another to get to the other side!), run cables prone to rodent attack through this duct, through a 100 meters of different building roof spaces and then into your house where it will terminate in an alarm panel that you’ll need to enter a code into each time you want to set/unset the system.

Sound good to you? Nope, me neither.

How does it work now?

Long range, secure alarm transmission technology, coupled with smart algorithms for robust false alert filtering & smartphone integration solves all of the problems detailed above!

Let’s break it down -

1 – Wireless. We no longer need long cable runs all over your property! While in an ideal world we would still have a power supply for some of the larger alarm beams, we are now able to install alarms anywhere, and using repeater systems we are able to install a smart alarm up to 800m away from your house or office with not a wire to be seen!

2 – No more false alarms. Whether it be an alarm beam or a motion sensor, we now have a solution to keep false alerts at bay. Alarm beams can now automatically ignore birds and other small wildlife while still working even in fog, and motion sensors now utilise twin built-in sensors and AI technology to be able to tell the difference between that beloved pet and an actual intruder.

3 – Smart. Why have just one location where you need to type in your code to set or unset the system? (although these are still available!) Why not simply click a button on a keyfob from anywhere on site instead? Or, say you need to let that workman on to site while you’re out? One tap on your smart alarm app and the system is unset (you can even leave other parts of the site ‘armed’).

To simplify – we can install alarms anywhere on your site, they only alert when they are supposed to, and they are quick and easy to use.

The benefits of this solution are too vast to put down on one article, some additional features are -

  • Integration. We can take any alarm and make it smart, think wood chip boiler alarms or existing wired alarm systems.
  • Remote. Set/unset your alarm from anywhere in the world as well as receive alarm alerts to your smartphone.
  • Battery life. With up to 7 years between battery changes, servicing is kept to a minimum.
  • Flexible. Moving your workshop or changing your house layout? With no wires the system can be adjusted without re-wiring.
  • Off-site support. The system can be configured by us remotely if you want some settings changing and will let us know if there are any problems.
  • Video. Existing CCTV cameras can be linked to alarm alerts to let you know what has set your alarm off. Some sensors even have built-in cameras!
  • ARC. Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC’s) can handle alarm events from our systems, ideal for larger sites.
  • Subscription FREE! No pesky monthly charges for self-monitored systems.

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