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Coco coffee house in Welshpool, Powys, has discovered that there are greater benefits to having a CCTV surveillance system installed than just for security.

Coco Coffee House Gets CCTV

Coco, the friendly coffee house in Welshpool which serves the most delicious cakes and coffee, is a hub of social activity on the main street. Founded 11 years ago by Jo Harris, along with her mother, the coffee house now has 10 members of staff to serve a constant stream of chatty customers.

Being a social hub does mean Jo and her staff members do occasionally encounter antisocial behaviour, and after an incident where the shop front window was smashed, Jo decided to add an element of security to her business. Finding a local CCTV installation business was important to her, and so she asked O.R.P to install a system. O.R.P were able to fit the installation around the coffee house’s quieter times – with the survey being conducted early in the morning before they were open, and the installation carried out in the late afternoon. “Olly was really friendly and helpful – he stayed late to show us how to use the system, and came back a few days later – on the same day I called him – to upgrade the app when it wouldn’t work on my manager's phone.”

Jo initially wanted a CCTV system to deter anti-social behaviour on the street outside the cafe, however, an added benefit to Jo is that the surveillance can also be used to monitor available tables in the seating bays outside, and make sure that customers waiting to be served are not missed – this was especially useful when COVID restrictions in the busy summer months meant that table service was a must. “It’s an asset for us, and reasonably priced... It’s going to be really useful at Christmas when we are busy.”

If you are passing through Welshpool over the Christmas period, I highly recommend refuelling at Coco!




ORP Surveillance install CCTV to give you visibility of the entirety of your premises. The secure digital system automatically deletes footage after a certain time frame, which reduces the paperwork related to adhering to the DPA18 and GDPR, and being able to view the system through a phone or tablet in real-time means it can fit in with your business needs, wherever you are.

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