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Our solar-powered network CCTV cameras, with onboard recording capabilities and remote access, offer excellent protection for your off-the-grid assets.

Keeping an Eye on Your Off-the-Grid Assets with Solar-Powered Network CCTV Cameras

Protect your off-the-grid assets – such as the new build which hasn’t yet been connected to utilities; the livestock shed too far from the farmhouse to run cables; or the temporary compound to store plant equipment – by utilising a solar-powered 4G Network camera.

These bullet cameras have on-board recording capabilities whilst also being fully remotely accessible via a low-cost 4G SIM card, so that you can view the camera live, see playback of events that have happened, and download footage as needed, all whilst on-the-go and from your mobile phone or tablet.

Employing both infra-red and white LED lights, these cameras have colour vision 24/7 – see brighter colour images, even at night.

Not only do these network cameras have high quality, 4K imaging – with 8MP resolution – they also have smart learning algorithms that alert if they detect human and vehicle targets – vastly reducing the amount of false alarms from wildlife or bad weather.

The in-built solar panel negates the need for recharging batteries – with an 80W photovoltaic panel integrated into the design. Remote cameras powered by solar panels in the past were bulkier (especially the solar panels), due to them being separate pieces of equipment connected together. With an integrated design, these solar-powered 4G network CCTV cameras are more compact and do not require heavy-duty poles on which to mount them.

The benefits of a Solar Power 4G Network Camera in a nutshell are:

  • Solar powered;
  • Fully remotely accessible;
  • Colour night vision;
  • 4K resolution;
  • View from your phone;
  • Low-cost SIM;
  • Smart detection – focusing on people and vehicles;
  • Water and dust resistant;
  • Compact design.

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