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Find out more about the advantages of using Megapixel CCTV - this system benefits not only from outstanding resolution, it also uses an IP network protocol.

Megapixel CCTV

Megapixel or HD CCTV cameras have been around for years now, but only recently have they become affordable to the vast majority of small business owners. Finally we can provide all of the benefits of these amazingly high quality cameras to all of our customers - because that's what we do, provide the highest quality, cost effective systems based on our customers unique requirements.

What is megapixel?

The term megapixel means literally, 'one million pixels' so, if your cameraphone says 8MP (megapixel) this means that every picture you take is made up of 8 million individual pixels, an amazing figure when you think about it (but not the whole story!).

If you're wondering what a pixel actually is, it is short for picture element, the basic unit of a display. Each pixel is made up of three sub-pixels, one red, one green and one blue, these control the colour of the main pixel.

Not the whole story.

Ever noticed how your 5 year old 3MP camera still takes better pictures than your brand new 8MP cameraphone? Sure, the pictures from your phone are huge, they can't even fit on your computer screen! But they still appear grainy, and in difficult conditions, when it's dark for example, or when you're looking into shadows on a bright day, your subject matter is underexposed or blurry. Why's this? It's all down to the cameras pickup chip, lens and image processing.

The same problems can occur with megapixel CCTV, that's why when we survey for a megapixel system we don't just spec the highest resolution camera we can find in budget, we carefully test and evaluate all the cameras we offer to ensure the highest levels of image quality in all conditions.

Why choose megapixel?

Beyond the obvious benefits of having a hugely high resolution CCTV system there are many other advantages often overlooked.

The system runs using IP network protocol.

Using the same language that your computer uses to access the internet makes megapixel IP cameras extremely flexible, they can be installed using your existing computer network - saving on the cost of cabling,  and can be accessed via the internet, letting you view and control your system from anywhere in the world!


Most megapixel CCTV cameras don't just transmit a video stream, they can be setup to activate relay outputs, allowing you to turn on lights, open gates and activate alarm sounders manually, or automatically when the camera detects movement. They can also receive alarm inputs from PIR motion sensors and call buttons.

Digital Transmission

Unlike the traditional analogue type cameras, megapixel cameras transmit data using a digital signal. To the end user this means zero loss of image quality, no matter the cable length or the distance of the wireless link.


Imagine the worst happens, a cable is damaged and you can't see that vital incident due to a down camera. Fear not! Many megapixel IP cameras now come with a micro-sd memory card slot, so in the event that the cameras lose contact with the recorder, they can store footage locally for later review. Some even automatically download the data to the recorders HDD (hard disk drive) when reconnected.

Cost saving

Okay, so a megapixel CCTV camera on it's own can cost a lot more than it's analogue counterpart. But where traditionally you might need four cameras to cover your employees carpark, using a megapixel CCTV camera you could get away with using just one carefully positioned camera, saving you money on parts and installation costs.  Also, the new type 'fisheye' dome camera (new's article coming soon..!) has no moving parts, meaning it could last many times longer than your old style PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) dome camera. 

Standard resolution camera snapshot

standard resolution snapshot


megapixel screenshot

Note - to see the image in it's full size, right click on the picture, then click 'open in new window', once the new window is open you might have to click on the image again to see it in it's full glory. Taken from one of our 3MP cameras.

The benefits of megapixel IP CCTV systems are numerous, it truly is the future of CCTV. If you'd like more information or to arrange a quote call us on 01743 884765, or fill in our contact form and we'll get back to you.

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