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Farm and Agricultural Security


Farms are some of the most challenging sites to secure due to their size and often spread out nature.

In the past there were two ways to overcome these problems; underground ducts and overhead catenaries. Both of these solutions are expensive and prone to failure due to weather conditions and small animals who chew through underground cables!

These days, farm security is made easier with wireless. Forget the old analogue radio video transmitters with their grainy images that went fuzzy when you used your microwave, modern radio links use the same technology as your broadband WiFi allowing up to 8 (and in some cases many more) HD quality pictures to be transmitted simultaneously via a single low-cost radio link at distances of over 4 miles!

Not only that, but as these are secure computer network links they can be used for many things, such as extending your broadband to a distant workshop or allowing you to connect your laptop or tablet computer to the system so that, while the main recorder is sited in your farm office, you can view the pictures from the comfort of your home - especially useful during the lambing season for example.

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Livestock Monitoring

Lambing, calving, and foaling is a stressful time in the farming calendar, even if the weather remains mild. While nothing can replace visiting the sheds for being the best form of care for your animals, having a livestock surveillance system means that you can keep an eye on livestock without neglecting other duties.

With livestock cameras, doing a thorough check on your livestock involves simply checking your mobile phone, tablet device or computer, minimising unnecessary journeys to and from the animal sheds. The benefits of freeing up this travelling time means more time to get on with your other jobs, as well as less time spent getting up in the night.

Grants are often available, usually for PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras for livestock monitoring. 

O.R.P designs surveillance systems to suit you. We minimise the need for cabling, which can be expensive to install and is prone to pest damage, by using radio links that use the same technology as your broadband WiFi. This allows 8 or more HD quality images to be transmitted simultaneously via a single low-cost radio link at distances of over 4 miles.

This technology can also be used to extend broadband to distant sheds, and the flexibility of using wireless means that adding additional cameras to cover security of your farm or to oversee production processes is simple.

Remote buildings without power can also be covered by using solar powered network cameras and utilising 4G via a SIM card.

Motion detection cameras record only when movement is sensed – cutting down on the recording time and making it easier to view only when the animals are moving.  

CALVING CAMERAS - PTZ cameras that you can move around (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) are able to cover large sheds and be moved to ensure every animal in the building are monitored. Reduce time required with the animals whilst ensuring you can respond faster to potential issues. 

LAMBING CAMERAS – Opting for a camera with a good zoom ability and positioning it optimally reduces the amount of cameras required. Grants are often available for livestock monitoring cameras.

EQUINE CAMERAS – check in on your horses’ well-being whenever required – helpful for when you are away from home. Cameras can be installed in the stables and to cover fields to give full cover of your home as well as protecting your horses. Equine cameras installed in each stall allow you to monitor the general well-being of your horses, allow 24 hour surveillance of foaling or unwell animals, as well as providing security. 

POULTRY CAMERAS – thermal cameras, which take tens of thousands of temperature measurements as they monitor, give a detailed picture of the temperature of the environment, highlighting cold spots and ensuring the welfare of poultry, as well as continually ensuring there are no issues with ventilation or housing.


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CCTV Systems

HD CCTV, also known as High-Definition Closed-Circuit Television, has revolutionized the field of video surveillance with its advanced imaging capabilities. By offering superior image quality and enhanced clarity, HD CCTV systems provide a valuable tool for security monitoring and crime prevention. These systems utilize high-resolution cameras that capture and transmit video footage in crisp detail, ensuring that even the smallest of details are clearly visible.

One of the primary uses of HD CCTV is in enhancing security measures in various settings. HD CCTV provides a reliable means of surveillance on farms. With its ability to capture high-quality images, these systems can effectively deter criminal activities, aid in the identification of suspects, and provide valuable evidence in the event of an incident. The increased clarity and resolution of HD CCTV footage make it easier for authorities to analyse and investigate security breaches, leading to a higher chance of successful outcomes. If you have a livestock monitoring system, this can be added to to encompass the security of a site as well, providing a comprehensive system that works for you.

Whilst CCTV is an incrediably useful tool for security, having an integrated CCTV and alarm system is the most reliable way to protect your farm from theft and trespassers. Having an integrated CCTV and alarm system is often cheaper than having two separate systems. As well as receiving instant alarms when human activity is detected, including sirens into the system has been shown to reliably scare away most thieves before they have chance to get far onto your property!


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Alarm Systems

Outdoor alarms are nothing new, alarm beams and motion sensors have been around for decades, but they have always suffered from excessive false alerts from weather and wildlife, and required cable trenches to be dug around site on install. Now, using long range, secure alarm transmission technology, coupled with smart algorithms for robust false alert filtering & smartphone integration – cable runs around site aren’t needed and false alarms are minimised.

Wireless We install alarms anywhere, and using repeater systems we are able to install a smart alarm up to 800m away from your house or office with not a wire to be seen.

No more false alarms Smart alarm beams automatically ignore birds and other small wildlife while still working even in fog, and motion sensors now utilise twin built-in sensors and AI technology to be able to tell the difference between that beloved pet and an actual intruder.

Smart Simply click a button on a keyfob from anywhere on site to set/unset. Or, say you need to let that workman on to site while you’re out? One tap on your smart alarm app and the system is unset (you can even leave other parts of the site ‘armed’).

INTEGRATION – we can take any alarm and make it smart, think wood chip boiler alarms or existing wire alarm-systems

REMOTE – set/unset your alarm from anywhere in the world as well as receive alarm alerts to your smartphone

BATTERY LIFE – with up to 7 years between battery changes, servicing is kept to a minimum

FLEXIBLE – moving your workshop or changing your house layout? With no wires the system can be adjusted without re-wiring

OFF-SITE SUPPORT – the system can be configured by us remotely if you want some settings changing and will let us know if there are any problems

VIDEO – existing CCTV cameras can be linked to alarm alerts to let you know what has set your alarm off. Some sensors even have built-in cameras

24 HOUR SITE MONITORING – Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC’s) can handle alarm events from our systems, ideal for larger sites

SUBSCRIPTION FREE – no pesky monthly charges for self-monitored systems

ANTI-TAMPER – alerts are sent if the alarms are tampered with by someone attempting to screen or disable them


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Wireless Outdoor motion detectors are alarms without the false alerts, which reliably protect your assets in real time. With an easy to manage system that sends images of the intruder to your phone and which can be armed and disarmed via the app or a keyfob. With an in-built camera that detects movement up to 15 metres away; intelligent algorithms that successfully determine whether the alert is a human or a false alarm, as well as alerting in real time to your phone, they really are the cutting edge to alarm systems. Up to 5 images that are shown in an animation are sent to the app, so that you can determine who has triggered the alarm. The detectors have infrared illumination for night time images. With in-built anti-tamper
protection, and pet immunity, you can rely on these alarms only alerting you when a human is detected. New technology from Ajax using both correlation and spectral analysis negates false alarms to such an extent that they have no false alarms from pets, wildlife or moving foliage when installed correctly. 

The system is easily set and unset – either via the app or with a key fob, and can be set to alarm and disarm at certain times. It can also be linked to a remote monitoring company. When armed, the detector constantly reads signals from infrared (IR) sensors. When motion is detected, MotionCam Outdoor transmits an alarm to the hub and signals it by flashing the LED indicator. When triggered, the hub activates sirens, starts scenarios, and notifies users. In case of an alarm, photos are transmitted to all users of the system who have access to the hub’s event, including to your security company if you have remote monitoring. All alarms, photos, and events are recorded in the event feed of the app. This means you can get the notification on your mobile phone and look at who has triggered the alarm from wherever you are in the world.

NO FALSE ALARMS – algorithms distinguish between humans and interference (false alarms), such as pets, wildlife and the weather, and only alert you when a human is detected.

PROACTIVE ALARM SYSTEM – sends up to 5 images to your phone, which play as an animation – receive the alert to your phone anywhere in the world.

ANTI TAMPER SYSTEM – sends an alarm if anyone attempts to cover, move or disable it.

LONG-RANGE WIRELESS – negates cable runs and the disruption (and costs) that comes with traditional alarm system installation.

EASY TO MANAGE – Set and unset the alarm system from either your phone via an easy to use app, or from a keyfob.

LOW MAINTENANCE – long battery life, works in a temperature range from below -25°C to above +60°C, works at night and in low light conditions and in adverse weather, and will tell you if some part of the system requires attention or if a battery is getting low


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Having contracts with some of the largest farms in the UK, from a simple single camera solution allowing you to keep track of your livestock to systems analysing every aspect of your production process, O.R.P can be trusted to provide the best equipment and service at the best price.

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We do not employ high pressure salesmen

O.R.P have 25 years of expertise designing and installing CCTV and security systems across a varied portfolio of different sites including agricultural sites, commercial and industrial premises and for the public sector.

We do not employ sales people – the person who visits is one of a small team of trained engineers with immense technical knowledge in surveillance systems. The advice we offer is open and honest and aims to give you the most appropriate system to suit your needs and no more. Surveillance should work for us, and we aim to design systems that are easy to use whilst employing the latest technology in IP HD cameras and alarms to give you peace of mind.