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Farm and Agricultural Security

farm and agricultural security

Farms are some of the most challenging sites to secure due to their size and often spread out nature.

In the past there were two ways to overcome these problems; underground ducts and overhead catenaries. Both of these solutions are expensive and prone to failure due to weather conditions and small animals who chew through underground cables!

These days, farm security is made easier with wireless. Forget the old analogue radio video transmitters with their grainy images that went fuzzy when you used your microwave, modern radio links use the same technology as your broadband WiFi allowing up to 8 (and in some cases many more) HD quality pictures to be transmitted simultaneously via a single low-cost radio link at distances of over 4 miles!

Not only that, but as these are secure computer network links they can be used for many things, such as extending your broadband to a distant workshop or allowing you to connect your laptop or tablet computer to the system so that, while the main recorder is sited in your farm office, you can view the pictures from the comfort of your home - especially useful during the lambing season for example.

Farm Security Benefits

  • Cutting edge farm security systems.
  • Transmit farm CCTV images cheaply and securely using the latest technology wireless links.
  • Transmit up to 8 HD images via single radio link at distances of over 4 miles!
  • Keep an eye on calving and lambing livestock.
  • Control the system from the comfort of your home.
  • Keep track of production processes and deliveries.
  • Keep on top of your Health and Safety commitments.
  • Manage your AD gas plants.
  • Manage your milking parlours, especially useful on large rotary milking parlours.

Having contracts with some of the largest farms in the UK, from a simple single camera solution allowing you to keep track of your livestock to systems analysing every aspect of your production process, O.R.P can be trusted to provide the best equipment and service at the best price.

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