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Wireless Links / Networking

ORP provide wireless CCTV systems for all kinds of applications to keep up with the demands of business, consumer and technology.

Our services include design, supply and installation of wireless equipment, allowing your network to expand to all devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, tablet PCs and of course CCTV systems to name but a few of the plethora of devices now WiFi enabled.

With more and more demand for bandwidth in applications such as video/TV streaming, VOIP, email, internet and remote access, WiFi technology has developed rapidly over recent years to become the single-most 'taken for granted' networking product available.

The Need for Speed

As networks and broadband internet become quicker in general, we expect our wireless systems to cope. Problems with speed often are not the fault of the service provider or internet connection, but are more commonly traced to poorly implemented wireless CCTV systems which are not allowing the underlying true speeds to be achieved at the end devices.

Especially for business, the speed, quality and reliability of broadband is paramount. Using the wrong equipment, or having it incorrectly installed could be costing you hours of wasted time per-week when using your wireless systems.

With a simple audit, ORP can offer impartial, no-obligation advice as to what can be done to improve your wireless network connections, whether it be hardware based or simply a case of tweaking your software.

Sharing Via Your Own Hotspot

A shared guest access wireless network—aka 'Hotspot'—is becoming an essential add-on service for many hotels, restaurants, cafes and shopping centres. These Hotspots enable customers to share the establishment's wireless internet connection either free, or for a cost.

These kinds of wireless installations are, if not carried out correctly, a minefield. For starters, you need to work out whether to piggyback the system on the back of your own broadband, or whether to install a completely separate system (or indeed, multiple systems) for use by your customers.

The installation needs to be managed with bandwidth sharing, access control and more importantly content control... you don't, for instance, want freeloaders downloading gigabytes of pirated movies using your broadband after all.

ORP can assess quickly your Hotspot requirements, and with very cost-effective solutions available we can have you up and running safely, securely and efficiently in no time.

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To extend your WiFi coverage to reach areas with weak or no signal, whilst maintaining secure encrypted connections, there are several methods you can consider.

Extending WiFi Around Sites:

Options may include WiFi range extenders/repeaters, WiFi mesh systems, additional access points, or powerline adapters. Consider factors such as range, number of devices, capacity, and desired performance.

A WiFi repeater is a device that amplifies and rebroadcasts an existing WiFi signal to extend its coverage range. It helps overcome limitations caused by distance, physical barriers, or weak signals, allowing you to have a stronger and more reliable WiFi connection in areas with poor signal strength.

Mesh systems creates a single network from multiple devices, creating a unified network. They are also scalable, allowing you to extend the network as needed.

WiFi access points (APs) serve as the connectivity hub for wireless devices, enabling them to access a wired network and utilize network resources to extend wireless coverage.

Powerline adapters use the electrical wiring in your building to transmit data signals.

Regularly monitor your extended WiFi network to ensure optimal performance and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Keep the firmware of your WiFi devices up to date to benefit from security patches and performance improvements.

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