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Commercial CCTV Installation

commercial cctv installation

Expert advice and affordable systems from O.R.P Surveillance.

Are all commercial CCTV systems the same? You need to be sure of the capability and expertise of your installer. The selection and quality of equipment, its reliability, the siting of the cameras—all are important.

Here at O.R.P, we take the responsibility and role of your appointed installers very seriously. Our concern is that your system functions correctly and efficiently in your environment.

Too many commercial CCTV system installers take the product from the box, install it and leave. This is fine if your installation location is a 'textbook example' and your criteria are generic enough. However, in the real world, very few installations will be maximising the benefits of the equipment if they are installed straight out of the box.

Our unique selling point is that we survey, discuss and understand your requirements for CCTV. Only then do we install the equipment.

The key advantage to our method is that in 100% of our installations, we get it right first time. This is of huge benefit to many of our clients where disruption from installation is kept to a minimum.

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