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Loss Prevention Systems

loss prevention systems

Responding to customers needs is what O.R.P does best, that's why we've developed a range of loss prevention systems which are cost-effective, easy to use, flexible and, most importantly, highly effective.

From small corner shops to huge national chains, O.R.P has the solution for all types of commercial CCTV installation. See below for a brief synopsis of our systems, but remember, every system is built to our customers' unique requirements,  the information below is just a base to build a fully customised system on.

Deployable and Covert CCTV Systems

These systems are designed for use in tackling individual problems, being moved from area to area as a potential problem is identified, depending on requirements they can include the following features;

  • Small - our systems can be as small as a pack of playing cards
  • Remote - the camera head can be up to 100 metres from the recorder, some of our smaller camera heads are less than 5mm by 40mm in size!
  • Multiple power sources - sometimes mains power is difficult to access discreetly, that's why we've included light and safe lithium-ion battery packs in our arsenal of equipment. The larger battery packs can power a small system for over a week.
  • Quality - with HD options available in even the smallest pin-hole cameras, image clarity is second to none.
  • Covert - from tiny discreet camera heads to systems built into everyday objects we can provide systems that will fit into any environment.

Remote and Mobile Systems

Sometimes it's just not possible to visit the site without attracting notice, making retrieving memory cards a nightmare, luckily we have the solution - remote systems.

A connection can be made via on-site broadband, medium-range wifi connections and even mobile phone sim cards.

What can I do with this connection?

Once a connection has been established, the system is now accessible via the internet allowing you to view live and recorded images and events from your PC, laptop, iPad, tablet PC's and even your mobile phone, from anywhere in the world!

Images can even be automatically transmitted and recorded in a remote location, keeping important and sensitive data safe.


Sometimes you need to keep track of goods while they're on the move, with our 3G, GPS enabled camera systems you can track vehicles, access live and recorded video while the vehicle is in transit, all from the comfort of your office.


Remember, O.R.P specialises in custom made loss prevention systems - so whatever your application, whatever your unique set of requirements, we can design and deliver the system.

For more information on any aspect of the above, feel free to get in touch.

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