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Deployable CCTV Surveillance Kits

O.R.P Deployable CCTV surveillance kits are designed for use when there isn't time for a full CCTV installation. Like all of our CCTV systems the equipment is entirely flexible, allowing the customer to choose the parts they need and customise the system to suit their unique requirements.

System Features

Due to the flexible nature of our systems, and the fact our design process is based around our customers' unique requirements, system features can vary hugely, below are just a few possible options -

  • Small - our systems can be as small as a pack of playing cards
  • Remote - the camera head can be up to 100 metres from the recorder, some of our smaller camera heads are less than 5mm by 40mm in size!
  • Power - sometimes mains power is difficult to access discreetly, that's why we've included light and safe lithium-ion battery packs in our arsenal of equipment. The larger battery packs can power a small system for over a week.
  • Quality - with HD options available in even the smallest pin-hole cameras, image clarity is second to none.
  • Covert - from tiny discreet camera heads to systems built into everyday objects we can provide systems that will fit into any environment.
  • Flexible - from IR night vision cameras, thermal imagery and numberplate detection to deployable emergency remote guarding systems O.R.P can offer it all.

System Uses

Uses for our system include -

  • Fly Tipping
  • Loss Prevention
  • Fast Response CCTV for Police forces
  • Private Investigators
  • Emergency remote guarding
  • Vulnerable person protection

For More Information

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