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CCTV Maintenance

cctv maintenance

Is maintenance important? After-installation service is an important part of the ORP Surveillance provision. You need to be sure that your system remains operational.

Modern electronic equipment, although extremely reliable, can sometimes suffer glitches, and our fast-response service gives you the assurance you need.

Not only does our CCTV maintenance cover your equipment's functionality, but we will also advise of any ways that newer technology could be applied to enhance your current systems. This has proven a hugely successful aspect of our maintenance agreements, as we always ensure that our clients are using the best equipment for the job by embracing contemporary technologies.

O.R.P offer one year’s free maintenance with our installs, which includes two free visits to check the surveillance system over and to remove any spiders that may have taken up residence on your camera lenses!

After this, we have a range of maintenance contracts to choose from, which include free emergency engineer call outs, online help and remote access maintenance, as well as a number of site visits per year to carry out preventative maintenance.

All labour and fuel costs are covered, which means that if you require assistance with any aspect of the system, you can rest assured that any issues will be solved without incurring unforeseen costs.

We also offer direct debit payment solutions, from as little as £12 per month. For more information on CCTV maintenance services, please contact us today.

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