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O.R.P Surveillance design bespoke security and surveillance systems tailored to your needs and requirements. The person who visits to conduct the free survey is not a salesperson, but a fully experienced engineer with the technical knowledge to offer solutions to even the most complicated of proposals.

Industrial CCTV systems offer more than crime prevention. Using wireless systems and the latest HD megapixel cameras, O.R.P design systems that can cover a vast array of operating processes such as production tracking and overseeing deliveries, that can monitor trends and the condition of equipment, can intelligently operate Access Control Systems as well as use Area detection and tracking to secure the site, and all of which is accessible via any WiFi enabled device for optimum flexibility.

With our extensive experience in wireless links that use the same technology as your broadband to connect every camera on site to the recorder, O.R.P keeps cabling to a minimum. This negates the costs associated with laying cable throughout a site and the ongoing maintenance and pest control related to it. This also means that the camera network can easily be extended as and when you require with minimal disturbance to your daily processes, and means that you can view it from any of your WiFi enabled devices, including mobile phone, tablet and laptop; whilst at work, at home or travelling.

An O.R.P designed system can send automatic notifications to you when sensors are triggered, negating the need for constant monitoring. This is as well as area detection and automatic tracking of movement on your site, which means that health and safety commitments as well as the security of the site are covered, even when the site is unoccupied.
When a higher level of security is required, O.R.P offer bespoke alarm systems as well as Remote Video Guarding, where your system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from a remote location. This can also be used in line with Access Control Systems, where ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras allow vehicles through that have been granted access onto site, whilst baring ones that are not listed. This automated system will log the number plate of each vehicle that arrives at the entrance to site, and keeps a log history that can easily be viewed.

O.R.P have a large range of the latest camera technology at our disposal including fixed bullet, Dome and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras. All of the cameras we install are HD Megapixel cameras, so that even when zooming in, the quality of the image will be extremely high.

For areas of your site where low light levels are an issue, O.R.P offers the latest in infra-red camera technology, giving high quality clear images even with no lighting present. We also offer thermal imaging cameras that detect the infrared light that all objects emit and converts it into an accurate, visual image that is useful for many purposes, including trend monitoring and checking the condition of equipment.

For keeping in touch with your staff when they are located around a factory, or even to communicate with multiple sites over hundreds of miles, O.R.P offer two-way radios – hand held radio devices – either unlicensed or licensed depending on your requirements, that allow you to talk to individuals, groups of people or the entire fleet at the touch of a button.
However simple or complex your industrial CCTV or security system requirements, O.R.P Surveillance have both the experience and the knowledge to implement a well designed, easy to use and flexible system that works for you effortlessly.

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