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O.R.P Surveillance has been praised for its well designed, highly technical and secure systems that are easy to use and consistently provide quality images. A well thought out surveillance system reiterates that your community safety is top priority, whilst maintaining the security that sensitive information requires.

O.R.P uses secure radio links that use similar technology as broadband WiFi and which allow multiple HD megapixel pictures to be transmitted simultaneously, and over great distances, back to your control centre.

By using wireless systems, O.R.P can install high specification surveillance systems without the need to lay expensive and sometimes disruptive cabling routes. Cabling can also be prone to damage, and fault finding is time-consuming. Installing a wireless surveillance system means that as well as a seamless initial installation, additional cameras can be added quickly to the system with minimal disturbance to the original system or the control room.

We offer bespoke deployable surveillance kits, which can be moved around as and when needed, and have received great feedback from our customers. They are a great way of tackling crime hot spots, fly tipping and to cover more rural locations, as well as being additional security at events. All that these deployable kits require to work is power and a place that they can be fitted to (usually a pole at an appropriate height). We offer a fitting service, but they can also be fitted by an electrician.

Surveillance systems also monitor traffic flow, and we offer mobile cameras and bespoke traffic cameras that are created with an aim to make managing traffic flow easier. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras log the plates of vehicles which pass, and are an important resource for constabularies.

Established in 1998, O.R.P Surveillance have extensive expertise, as well as a proven track record, in designing and installing high specification surveillance systems, as well as seamlessly upgrading existing systems to run in line with the newest technologies.

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