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Two Way Radio Systems

O.R.P Surveillance Ltd provides high quality two way radio systems ranging from a simple system for use around a factory site to large mobile systems utilising digital repeater technology covering hundreds of square miles.

In this article, we will explain the important aspects of two way radio systems and the various possibilities available.

Digital vs Analogue On-Site Radio Systems

We always recommend going for a digital system as digital systems provide crystal clear audio even when the signal is getting low. Also because the radios construct the speech using very clever algorithms recognisable speech is received when on an analogue system you would only hear a faint hiss.

Digital radio allows each unit to be individually addressed letting you speak either to an individual radio, a group of radios, or the entire fleet, by simply selecting a different preset on your radio.

Licensed or Unlicensed

There are two main types of radio system, licensed and unlicensed. The main benefit of using an unlicensed system is that the radio units themselves are lower priced and no paperwork is required to get up and running (although O.R.P takes care of all that!).

Licensed radios, however, have many benefits such as -

  • Increased power - dependent on licence these radios can offer a much higher transmit power allowing the signal to travel much further.
  • No congestion - Licences designate (amongst other things) which frequencies can be used meaning unlike the unlicensed range you won't be interrupted by other users.
  • Repeaters - licenced frequencies allow the use of repeater technology. This is usually situated in a high point, then every handheld/mobile talks via this high power unit giving much greater range and control.
  • Low-cost licences - radio licences can cost from as little at £50 per year meaning these useful features provide great value for money.

Multiple Sites

Do you have several sites spread across the country? Requiring just a broadband connection at each site our radio systems can connect to each other allowing you to talk to any radio within range of any of your repeater sites by simply using your hand-held radio.

Contract Systems

O.R.P Surveillance Limited provides equipment on a monthly contract basis to pubwatch and shopwatch systems. Requiring a small monthly fee to join up these systems allow pubs and small businesses to inform each other, and the Police, that know shoplifters and troublemakers are in the vicinity. These systems provide direct results with businesses working together to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Contract systems are available for anyone, from pizza delivery drivers and taxi firms to large factories and farms.

Farm Radios

Due to their unique layout, farm systems are some of the most challenging to provide. O.R.P Surveillance has a long track record in working with the farming community and provide high quality, digital systems for many farms in Shropshire and the surrounding counties. These systems allow instant communication between vehicles, staff and offices to keep everything under control and most importantly, safe.

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