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The new Luminite, wireless passive infrared sensor (PIR) is setting new performance standards for intruder detection. Order your Genesis PIR today!

Genesis PIR Detectors

The Genesis, wireless, PIR detectors from UK manufacturer, Luminite, are setting new performance standards for intruder detection.

genesis wireless pir detectorThe Genesis, wireless, PIR detector series from Luminite, uses PIR technology for intruder detection and radio frequency, wireless technology for data transmission.

The Genesis, wireless, PIRs are quick and easy to install. Wireless technology enables them to be mounted in their optimum detection positions, irrespective of cabling and power line locations. Each wireless network can operate any number of Genesis PIRs, from one to 64, within a 1km radius of the Genesis Masthead transceiver hub. The Masthead can connect directly to the CCTV system DVR, NVR or to a Genesis Relay Unit. This unit adds 16 physical alarm and tamper switch outputs to the CCTV system. The wireless network is BS8418 compliant, fully encrypted, and transmits all the alarm activation and unit settings data, including tampers, battery life and lens type. The 1km radius can be extended using additional Mastheads, although this is not necessary in 95% of applications. Each PIR offers 2 years of battery life at optimal performance, under normal use.

The Genesis 3020 will sense if it is turned, moved or removed from its location, and has anti-shock, anti-cloaking and anti-tamper protection. False and nuisance alarms are reduced with dual sensing technology, whereby an alarm is only triggered if two sensors in a Genesis PIR are activated either simultaneously or in sequence. This functionality helps reduce some of the common PIR false alarms caused by reflections, loose materials and flapping or swaying foliage.

The Genesis series PIRs are made from tough, 3mm thick polycarbonate and are suitable for external use. They offer a variety of lens options, suitable for different detection ranges. The 3020 provides a 30m range with 20m span; the 4004 provides a 40m range with 4m span, which is ideal for creating an IR perimeter wall; and the 1520 provides a 15m range and 20m span. Horizontal and vertical curtain options are also available.

Luminite provides a ‘Walk Test Instrument’ for use with its Genesis series. This allows one person to verify the intruder detection range by simply walking in front of the PIR. The Walk Test Instrument will also confirm the wireless signal strength between the PIRs and Masthead, ensuring a robust and reliable wireless network installation. Battery life, lens type and unit settings can also be checked.

The Genesis, wireless, PIR series from Luminite is an ultra-reliable and rapidly installed detection system. It is straight forward to set-up and is designed, built and supported in the UK.

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