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O.R.P is now able to offer wireless surveillance, using wireless transmission of images and controls at a much more affordable price - find out more today!

ORP Surveillance Goes Wireless

Thanks to recent advances in technology, O.R.P Surveillance is now able to offer wireless transmittion of images and controls using wireless ethernet at a much more affordable price.

Previously the reserve of town and city centre systems or huge factory units, we can now offer the crystal clear, pin sharp images to all of our wireless customers, using our high bandwidth, high speed wireless ethernet links to transmit images and camera controls anywhere on your site, or beyond!

While there is nothing wrong with the older tech analogue links, still giving good images, there is always some loss in quality, not so with our wlan (wireless lan) links, some of our links are transmitting images of over 8 mega-pixels, in real time, with no qualitly loss what-so-ever!



Normally to take advantage of wlan tech you would need a suitable IP (internet protocol) based DVR (digital video recorder), which, while very cost effective and of a very high quality, aren't compatible with the standard analogue cameras.

We now offer 'hybrid' systems, which can take existing analogue camera images as well as IP CCTV cameras. We can even use this flawless transmittion system on your existing DVR by simply installing a 'decoder', which deciphers the IP video stream and converts it to a pixel-perfect analogue image.

Cost Saving

Digging trenches is just burying money! Burying cables can take huge amounts of time and money, and even when installed correctly cables can degrade over time, or even be chewed through! With a wireless system, all of these problems are solved, and extra cameras can be accomidated easily, with most of our links capable of taking up to 30 camera streams.


Because this system uses wireless lan you can take advantage of all of the benefits of your computer network. From simply giving you an internet connection at remote parts of your site, to offering WiFi Hotspots or ethernet control of your equipment, wireless alarms, access control and intercoms, the possibilitys of wlan are endless!

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